Maturity at LambingNo. of Lambs BornRange
Shearling Ewes1.581.3 - 1.8
Mature Ewes1.71711.5 - 1.9

Number of LambsShearlingsMature Ewes

Ranges reflect different production systems, time of lambing and intensity of feeding / finishing. Ewe lambs achieve 90-92% of ram lamb figures. Suffolk cross lambs easily achieve 40kg weights at 15-16 weeks with ideal 3mm backfat.


DaysWeight / ScanRange
56 (8 weeks)32.6kg25kg to 41.3kg
147 (21 weeks)70.5kg47kg to 88.1kg
147 Muscle35mm29mm to 46.8mm
147 Fat35mm1.5mm to 8mm

Why use a Pedigree Registered Suffolk Ram?

  • Superior Growth Rate
  • Easy Fleshing
  • Early Finishing
  • Ideal Cross to All Breeds
  • Hardy Lively Lambs
  • Early Turn-out of Lambs
  • Low Feet Problems
  • Produces Lots of Lambs
  • Quality in Quantity