“The Irish Suffolk Sheep Society was set up by a group of like minded breeders who felt that like every other breed society in Ireland we should be run our own business. We are using the Sheep Ireland database to maintain the flock book and generate pedigree certs etc. Our aim is to produce a more commercial type Suffolk suited to the needs of the commercial farmer; this has proved very successful over the past twelve months since our inception.

Over the last few years the Suffolk breed has lost a lot of market share mainly as a result of breeding for show traits rather than carcass traits.

We, The Irish Suffolk Sheep Society see the need to reverse this trend in order to stay relevant as a breed. The Department of Agriculture Food & the Marine has recognised us; they have granted The Irish Suffolk Sheep Society approval to operate a breeding programme. All pedigree certificates issued by The Irish Sheep Society are EU approved and recognised by all breed societies which gives the Irish Suffolk Sheep Society a huge advantage as we enter the post BREXIT era.”

Why use a Pedigree Registered Suffolk Ram?

  • Superior Growth Rate
  • Easy Fleshing
  • Early Finishing
  • Ideal Cross to All Breeds
  • Hardy Lively Lambs
  • Early Turn-out of Lambs
  • Low Feet Problems
  • Produces Lots of Lambs
  • Quality in Quantity