Photo: Pat & Michael Lynch after Pat was presented with the 2024 Hall of Fame Award.

In 1949, 75 years ago my father Denis Lynch established the Moatfarrell flock of pedigree Suffolk Sheep. That same year, he also established the Moatfarrell herd of Hereford pedigree cattle.

He was a very astute judge of livestock and an exceptional stock man. I grew up under his influence and I would like to think that some of it may have rubbed off on me.

The flock enjoyed almost immediate success. At the Premier Show & Sale in Prussia Street in 1950 and 1951, he obtained the second-highest price and the top average price. Stock rams were imported from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Top Irish bred rams were purchased such as the Premier Sale Champions in 1952, 1959, 1975 and 1979.

A ram, Moatfarrell Discoverer was the Spring Show Champion for three years in succession and sired the Prussia Street Champion in 1962. The flock has produced numerous Champions, Reserve Champions and Champions Groups of Three at both Premier Sales and Club Sales.

The Champion Group of Three was won then times which included a record run of nine consecutive wins. The Sire of the Year trophy was won five times. Numerous Moatfarrell Rams have been registered and many breeders chosen Moatfarrell Ewes as a foundation stock.

For many years, the team at Moatfarrell consisted of my brothers Philip, Con, Michael, Seamus and myself. We did all the hard work-washing, carding etc. I usually did the trimming, the easy job which was done under my father’s watchful eye. My mother and sisters were the team behind the team and their input was invaluable. Con, my brother took over running the flock from my father. He was a very good judge; he had an encyclopedic knowledge of pedigrees and he served on the Committee of the Suffolk Sheep Society.

Sadly, Con passed away suddenly in 2015. We used to go to all the Suffolk events together. He was my best friend and he is really missed. I wish to thank Con’s family for their assistance in helping to keep the flock intact at very difficult time.

Thanks to Suffolk Sheep, I have made many friends down through the years. As I write this article, I remember many breeders and their folks whose names are no longer heard in Suffolk Sheep conversations. Those breeders were the heartbeat of the Suffolk Sheep breeding in their day.

In 2019, the Irish Suffolk Sheep Society was formed. The ethos of the Society is to produce top-quality sheep presented in their natural state that are suitable for the commercial breeders. I am proud to be a member of this Society of which I the current Vice-Chairman.

I have been involved with Suffolk Sheep for as long as I can remember and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I thank the Irish Suffolk Sheep Society for nominating me for this prestigious award which I humbly accept on behalf of my family and the Moatfarrell Flock.

Why use a Pedigree Registered Suffolk Ram?

  • Superior Growth Rate
  • Easy Fleshing
  • Early Finishing
  • Ideal Cross to All Breeds
  • Hardy Lively Lambs
  • Early Turn-out of Lambs
  • Low Feet Problems
  • Produces Lots of Lambs
  • Quality in Quantity