Irish Suffolk Sheep Society Premier Show & Sale at Roscrea Mart this Saturday 3rd August at 10.30am. This sale is run by Irish Pedigree Registered Suffolk Sheep Farmers producing Pedigree Registered Suffolk Sheep for Irish Farmers. Don’t miss it.

The Irish Suffolk Sheep Society have now been approved for EU Pedigree Registered Certification from the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine under EU Regulation 2016/1012: this licence provides the Irish Suffolk Sheep Society with recognition of the Pedigree status of their sheep throughout Europe without exception. Their Flock book is held by Sheep Ireland, a wholly Irish Company supported by the Irish Government and co funded by the Department of Agriculture this means that every sheep sold and purchased through us will have its Pedigree Registered Certificate.

For more information on the Sale, membership adn Registration please contact the Hon Secretary Anne Mitchell 086 2428554;

Why use a Pedigree Registered Suffolk Ram?

  • Superior Growth Rate
  • Easy Fleshing
  • Early Finishing
  • Ideal Cross to All Breeds
  • Hardy Lively Lambs
  • Early Turn-out of Lambs
  • Low Feet Problems
  • Produces Lots of Lambs
  • Quality in Quantity