Sheep Products


  • Most people would not get through the day without these products Where would we be without mouthwash, soap, deodorant, and gel; not to mention lotion, cosmetics, perfumes, and hairspray?
  • Moving on to breakfast if one likes their morning cuppa out of a china cup that cup comes from sheep too. Bone tissue is ground to make the necessary ingredients for the world’s finest china.
  • On a cold morning one may need to put on their wool-lined gloves and jackets; many other garments are made from wool including blouses, pants, shirts, suits, sweaters, socks and ties to mention but a few.
  • Out to the car; one may sit on a sheep skin rug or have leather upholstery in their car; sheep fat is added to car tyres to make them run cooler; another sheep based product is found in brake fluid.
  • Sitting down to dinner by candlelight includes sheep. Tallow candles can be a little messy but ther are the real thing ~ they are made from sheep. Modern candles use seatrain acid and paraffin which also comes from sheep. The fancy carving set for the leg of lamb comes from horn and bone tissue, the softening agent in baked products as well as plasticisers in shortening are made from sheep products.
  • Desserts such as ice cream and yogurt contain gelatine, a protein product made from horns, hooves and bones.
  • Should one decide to take a photograph on an evening out again animal gelatine will be used to process the photographic film.
  • Chewing gum to freshen the breath after dinner utilises the fatty acids from sheep.
  • If one is not feeling well, sheep provide cough medicine, insulin, pepsin, cortisone and surgical sutures. Sheep cartilage is used for orthopaedic reconstruction and other products serve as protective media for freezing red bloods cells, eye comea and other living tissues.
  • Sheep bones are used for jewellery making including tie pins and earrings.
  • Home decorations provided by sheep can create an aura in the home. Wool carpets will never loose there warmth and welcome regardless of what synthetic materials come on the market. A wool throw adds warmth and elegance to any room. On a cold winters night what could be nicer that snuggling under a wool blanket.

Why use a Pedigree Registered Suffolk Ram?

  • Superior Growth Rate
  • Easy Fleshing
  • Early Finishing
  • Ideal Cross to All Breeds
  • Hardy Lively Lambs
  • Early Turn-out of Lambs
  • Low Feet Problems
  • Produces Lots of Lambs
  • Quality in Quantity